Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Is Not Going To Be A Good Anime Season

Just was looking at the preview of the fall season in anime (special thanks to THAT Animeblog) and the term "drought" can easily be applied to this season.

Eight sequels.

Two remakes.

And the rest isn't too good, either.

Gundam 00 is going to have finally the Titans Oz FAITH Arrows, a "army independent from the formal Federation Army dedicated to defending the peace" and of course they get corrupt. And, of course, our Gundam pilots become heroes rather than the quasi-terrorists that they were in the first season. I actually liked the moral made the heros actually ask questions about what they were doing, why they were doing it, and the actual reason behind Celestial Being.

Of course, if this turned out to have been all as planned by Aeolis Schenberg, I'm not sure how annoyed I'm going to be. Worse...since 00 was purchased by Bandai for pro release in the United States...I'm going to have to buy the series to see what happens.


Other than that...Tytania looks reasonably tempting, but will have to see what the quality is.

Kemeko-DX has a kind of "silly zany" that might actually make for some neat story fodder...and, mmm, sexy rice cookers...

Kurogame no Linebarrel
looks kind of amusing, as long as the mecha aren't done as CGI. With very few exceptions, CGI mecha in anime have kind of sucked... The question is-since they have a not bad English page, are they trolling for distrubtors or do they already have one?

I'm going to keep an open mind, mind you...and see what happens next. But, it might not be that good a season for anime fans.