Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Idea for A Sequel for "Wreck It Ralph"

I will admit, I enjoyed watching "Wreck It Ralph" in the theaters.  It's not them most brilliant of films, and it could have pushed a bit more of the edge...but, it was pretty good.

So, time for sequel thoughts!  Authorial notes-I would love to see this done and I even have a script outline done, but if it doesn't...

Anyways!  At the end of the first movie, Ralph decided he wants to do more heroing stuff-he likes being the good guy.  It's at least easier on the back and such.  Meanwhile, the arcade gets a new video game, Roar Fire Green, a Japanese 2D fighting game (an expy of BlazBlue, with the tie-in game made by Arc System Works), where the gaming world learns that anybody that beats the game gets a single wish.  Ralph, deciding that he wants to get this wish, gets into the game-and gets his ass kicked, hard.  He needs to learn how to fight, and a mysterious character (voiced by Doug Erholtz, who's voice and character design should be red flags RIGHT THERE) tells him that maybe he should get some training and learn how to fight first.

So, training montage (I mean, we go through Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, and Mortal Kombat montages) and a mysterious woman (whom is NOT Rachael from BlazBlue, even tho she has the same voice actor) whom gives Ralph a weapon (a big-ass hammer) and warns him that "time can be reversed, but an observed event cannot be changed".  Considering the nature of the huge number of characters descending on the game to play, it's now been turned into a tournament team play for the top title position.  Ralph has a team with a lot of other "bad guy" characters (i.e. probably M. Bison, Kano, and a few others), and he now has an additional team member from the game (a Cattleya expy voiced by Carrie Anne Moss of The Matrix fame) and they start fighting their way up the tournament ladder.

Ralph is wondering why his ally is in the tournament in the first place-and why she has the locket that she wears.  After a "fighting/flirting" training session, she reveals why she has the locket-it's her daughter.  In an earlier game her husband was killed defending her and her daughter-and the daughter died, anyways.  She wants to make it to the end of the game, where she can get the one wish and restore her daughter to life.  Ralph offers to help, even at the possibility of giving up his wish of being a hero.

Meanwhile...the players discover that the whole "tournament and wish" was merely a disguise by the Big Bad that organized it to link all the video game systems together, then crash them all.  When they were rebooted, he would be the ultimate power across all the systems, making him into a God.  Learning this, the entire tournament is attacked by clones of the contestants, in which Ralph and all of the characters defeat and they go forth, fighting their way up the mountain where the Big Bad is hiding out.  In the process, he sheds teammates holding off various threats until he reaches near the top of the mountain, where he and his female ally are nearly knocked off the bridge into a deep, fog-filled chasam.  Ralph is holding onto her, but can't pull her up...and she tells him to let her go, go beat the Big Bad.  Ralph refuses, keeps trying to pull her up as the bridge starts to collapse...and she makes him let go by hitting his hand.  She falls into the fog-filled chasm, and Ralph thinks she's dead.

Getting to the top, the Big Bad reveals that his weapon will start by attacking the world of Wreck It Ralph-and Ralph has to choose between saving his own game or letting all the others fail.  In a cold rage, Ralph defeats the Big Bad in crashing ruins of his game, walking away as the last of it falls and the game machine dies in the Real World, destroying the Big Bad as well.

Hailed as a hero, Ralph wonders what happens next and wonders what will happen to him.  At that point, the mysterious Rachel expy shows up and thanks him for doing what she couldn't do, because she had observed those events.  Ralph, angry, demands to know why she couldn't warn him about losing his friend-and the Rachel expy reminds him-"time can be changed, but an observed event cannot be changed.  You saw her fall-but did you see her land?"  Ralph realizes that he can save her, so he "borrows" Star Fox and a R-Wing, travels back in time with the Rachael expy's power to fly through the fog bank, and catches his friend.  Returning to the game of Roar Fire Green, the Rachel expy reveals that there are hidden characters and as it just turns out, there was one of a certian Ralph...

The movie ends with Ralph, his girlfriend/wife and their son playing in the game's world, hearing that a new challenger has appeared.  The grab their weapons and head out the door to face the challenge.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wow...I Didn't Think It Was Possible

But, it is.  It truly is.

I no longer have any reason-at all-to watch Network TeeVee.

Let's see...the 2012-2013 schedule is...grim.  To say the very least.  There is not a single new show that does not insult my intelligence (Last Resort, Revolution), "comedies" where the males are basically overgrown children (Ben and Kate), or is "US remake of the BBC version, and the BBC version was better" (Elementary).  And, while I am a big fan of CSI, NCIS, Castle, Criminal Minds and Bones...why am I paying $100 a month or so for just those five shows? 

Or network TV news that I don't watch.

Or just about everything ELSE that I do involving network TeeVee.  Maybe basic cable shows, but I can get most of what they have on iTunes.

So, why should I support it with my money?

Next year, I'm getting a Roku Box (after getting a new iPhone-it's time).  And, I'm just going to order shows that I want.  I'll even pay for them.  But, I don't want to pay for what I don't want.  I don't need these shows.  And, if my money is no longer supporting them...I'm a happy camper.

The only question becomes...consequences.