Friday, February 02, 2007

Poached Egg

How my brain feels right now.

There is, somewhere in there, a pretty sharp piece on Iraq...but, I know that if I write it now, and people could understand it...I think the advocacy of saturation nuclear bombardment would come through way too hard, when I think it's probably our last option.

Tomorrow, once the computer's working again (using a friend's laptop for the next day or so...), my brain should be able to write.

It's a neat article, I think.

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NewsVeiws said...

''Saturation nuclear bombardment'' (your words) of ''iraq'', quite interesting.
But of course you realize what needs to be done before any large-scale bombing campaign on ''iraq'' begins don't you?
Actually ''step one'' would make the NEED for ''saturation nuclear bombardment'' of ''iraq'' unnessessary.
Our best weapon against sunnis is shi'ites. And our best weapon against shi'ites are sunnis.
Our grave error is trying social work in an effort to get sunnis and shi'ites ''to just get along with each other''. That ignores 1300 years of history.
You want a ''battle royale'' in the middle east? It's already happening.
I only take issue with leaving about 160,000 of our fellow Americans there in a futile attempt to ''referee'' it. We cannot make ''iraq the model'' nor can we do ''healing iraq''.
No matter how hard we try we cannot teach a pig to sing. Continuing to try to teach a pig to sing is pointless and wasteful...