Monday, February 12, 2007

There Is Something Rotten in Redmond, WA.

My opinions of Microsoft are very...frustrating. Yes, they've probably done more to bring computers to people than any other company in the world (in the form of Windows 95), but damned if they aren't frustrating at times.

Case in point is my latest set of issues with my installation of Windows XP. Mind you, this is the Home edition, not the Professional one (and I wonder seriously why this is...), and I've just had to reinstall it after my computer went crazy lately. Every two or three days, the computer claims that it's missing a vital file in the setup folder. So, I boot up Windows from the CD and go to the recovery console.

Mind you, I do nothing else, just go to the recovery console DOS prompt, and exit and reboot the computer. Computer then works fine for about 2-3 days, without a hitch.

I wonder if this problem would mysteriously clear up if I either got Windows XP Professional, or bought Windows Vista. In which case, I'm going to be doing this for a while...there is no way I'm going anywhere NEAR Vista until the SP1 release on DVD. And I upgrade my motherboard and video card to handle the Aero interface. And pay for somebody to replace my cold, unfeeling mechanical heart.

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