Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cool Ideas, With Caviats

Via Michelle Malkin, I just heard of Psiphon, a tool that would prove to be very useful for breaking through the censorship blocks of places like China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have set up, to keep people from reading news articles and information that the Powers That Be want to keep out of their hands.

Mind you, this idea is fun-despite the fact that it was founded and funded by George Soros. Tho, the Slashdotters are saying that there's a problem, namely that Psiphon can be used by terrorists and hackers due to it's anonimity and there is still logging and tracking of website travel-which means if you go to a webpage that you shouldn't go to (like a kiddy porn site), you'll have a record of going there. That, and there are other options for beating the firewalls the Chinese setup, too...

It's still a great idea. And, if I was somebody nasty, like, oh, the CIA....were to provide the software that could beat the firewalls through, ah, various means throughout these countries... It would be one of the best uses of tax dollars that I could ever think of, a kind of Internet Voice of America to beat back regimes.

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