Monday, December 25, 2006

Oh My...

Steve has managed to get a nice long stick to poke a particualr hornet's nest...Linux distros. I'm almost tempted to post this on Slashdot. It is very facinating, and I'm wondering how the Linux advocates and fans will take of this.

Quite frankly...yea, there is an opprotunity here. A single venture captitalist can buy out a number of the big Linux providers, and build a single Linux version. One that addresses many of the concerns, and proves that there is a Single Linux Platform(SLP) that people can produce software for-games, applications, and other products. Show that the new Linux is a 64-bit platform through and through, no legacy code that would be a problem, no trying to squeeze in DOS functionality somewhere in the system. Hell, even include high-quality anti-hacking measures to ensure that things don't spread.

Buy Firefox, flat-out. Still offer Windows and Mac and non-SLP functionality, but make Firefox the web browser of choice.

And, make deals. Offer some of the big companies access to the software for early code development. Have some of the "big deal" programs (iTunes, a Trillian-like IM program) ready to launch upon Day One when SLP comes out.

It can be done. And, there is time...if a venture capitalist hurries.

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