Saturday, December 16, 2006

Game Mechanics II

Game idea mechanic to back up with Genus.

There are six major stats-Strength, Constitution, Wisdom, Intellegence, Dexterity, and Agility. Each of these is grouped into two-stat groups (Movement-Dexterity and Agility, Body-Strength and Constitution, Mind-Intellegence and Wisdom) and three stat groups (Flesh-Agility, Strength, and Constitution; Soul-Dexterity, Intellegence, Wisdom). The stats also derive certian stats (Speed-which determines placement in the initative queue(Dex+Agi/2, rounded to nearest die), Unarmed Combat-damage done without a weapon(Str+Agi/2, rounded to nearest die), Hit Points-how much damage the player can take (Str+Con), Cunning-how mentally agile the player is (Int+Wis), Resistance-how long and how much abuse and torture the player can take (Wis+Res), and Common Sense-how good the player is at "putting things together" (Int+Dex)).

Skills are derived from the six stat groups, and usually use different stats to roll for differen things. For example, Movement has skills such as dodging, Flesh handles things like Martial Arts and primative missile weapons, Body handles meele weapons, Soul can handle things such as magic and oratory and seduction, and Mind handles Education (knowledge) and Mechanics.

Also, skills are tracked. You can only upgrade a skill that you use-below the fourth level of a skill, each time the player is successful you get a check mark on the skill. When the number of check marks equals the skill's level, you can upgrade the skill. Above fourth level, it takes a certian number of critical successes to get a check mark, or you have to use blue Genus to boost up your skill. And, over sixth level, you need to do something pretty spectacular to get your skill boosted.

The ideas are coming out and up pretty fast...

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