Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Game In My Hands...

I picked up Burning Empires from the FLGS, and it seems to be interesting. The game system seems to rely upon "ripples"-what the players do affects society, which affects the game universe.

Reasonably good production quality-all color, good layout, the pages stuck to each other a bit but pulled apart without problems. A more formal review will come up in a few days.

I think I'll get into working on my own game, too. The only issue is that I have is what game universe I'll use (the game mechanics I'm working on are mostly done...fine tuning and getting some of the ideas to work for it). The two I've got notes in are-
  1. A world that can be considered a hybrid Byzantine Empire/Belisarius seires/General series/Tenra Bansho Zero, where players are part of one of the empires/clans/packs, facing off against each other or against the Beast that lives to the south. Where politics in the captial mean that the battlefield could be safer, and magic and technology exist side by side.
  2. Sci-fi with starships after the fall of the First Empire and the resurection of starship travel. No aliens, but bioroids and chimeras (human/bioroid hybrids) will take a lot of their place. Anime (namely Banner of the Stars) and recent book sci-fi (David Drake's RCN series, The Mote In God's Eye/CoDominion) and some classic sci-fi (Traveller is a big influence, esp. in the politics.) influences. Players can own starships of a reasonable size that are reasonably combat capable.
I'm tossing the ideas out, to see what people think and what I should work on. I'm going to do both of them...just one before the other.

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