Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussain's Death...

Yep, he's gone. Saddam Hussain is going to have a lot to explain to whomever he meets on the other side of death. And, with luck, his spot in Lucifer's privy next to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot has been assured.

But, you think about it, and there are so many ways his execution could have gone...I mean, he was a creative soul and creative souls should die with some thought.

So, in the interests of providing that thought, here are some of my ideas on how Saddam Hussain could have met his Maker...
  • Leave Saddam in his hole in Tikrit. Just leave him there. Call Taco Bell, and have them ship in a full Taco Bell setup. Ship it by C-17 if you have to. Set up the sewer pipe so that it flows into Saddam's hole. Then, serve everybody free Taco Bell meals...
  • Set up a lottery. Make the tickets really cheap. First three numbers drawn get a pistol, one shot, and a staked out Saddam Hussain.
  • Go all Battle Royale. Plop Saddam Hussain, Kim Jong Ill, and a couple of other dictators on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. Three days, and the last man standing gets a villa somewhere in the Alps and half a billion dollars.
There's probably other ideas...I'll think of something else. And, while hanging him was a good thing, you can dream of all sorts of fun fates to give Saddam Hussain.

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