Thursday, December 28, 2006

What The?

Zombietime has always been a place that I like looking at. I can point people to the site, and say, "Yea, the idiots were protesting outside of my office and I had to see all of those barking moonbats all day...". So, when he works through the debunkment of the Red Cross Ambulance destroyed in Lebanon, it becomes a Major New Incident.

And, quite franky, it should have been bigger-a decade ago, the major networks would have been falling over themselves to try and "restore credability". Like the Rathergate scandal, it was a major blow to the media credability, and it was made worse due to trying to brush it off. To try and claim that bloggers are the unwashed masses, whom don't know what they're doing.

Bad idea.

Worse idea? Try to claim that somebody that has bent over backwards to be fair is biased for Israel. And that there is no real proof to their claims...which is sad, really.

Lesson to be learned? Don't try to bullshit in the era of high-speed Internet. Especially with people that are looking to try and take you down a peg. Or have the facts to back up their assertions...

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