Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Current Fansub Watching Experience

Okay, this week's reviews of some of the fansubs I'm watching...

Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion-Goro Taniguchi, Gundam Seed just called.

They want their plot back.

I can put up with some mecha shows, just for the chance to see giant robots go and stomp Tokyo. But, when you can barely force yourself through the first two episodes, there's something so very wrong. Mysterious powers, characters who's angst quotient is nearly two Reis per character, character design done by CLAMP (which is so very distrubing to me, like painting by that woman of the kids with the HUGE eyes...), I can only recommend one thing for this show.

Fire. And lots of it.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-This series took a big part of my heart, and did so honestly. It has "good" romance (that builds accurately), fan service, cos-play, gods, manic insanity, a plot that makes sense, and one of the best space-combat battle parodies ever. (Steve DenBeste will LOVE episode 11, with the Crest/Banner of the Stars parody).

While I think it might be a tad too manic and dependent upon Japanese cultural bits for American audiences, I will wait for this series with baited breath to come out on DVD here.


Steven Den Beste said...

So the unit of measure of angst is a "Rei", eh? (I love it!)

zakueins said...

The Rei is like the Helen; instead of measuring how many ships a woman's beauty can launch, it is how quickly a character's angst becomes annoying. I was almost tempted to call it the Camile (i.e. how many episodes before you want to bitch-slap the character into next month...).

Andy said...

Absolutely not too manic. Show's practically sedate compared to something like Excel Saga.

Frankly, it's not that Japanese either. Japanese high school stuff, sure, but that's hardly unusual.

It does have a lot of little in-jokes (I personally laughed at the Phoenix Wright parody in the island episode) and a very quirky/weird nonlinear episode structure that I found charming. But heck, it spends more time riffing Western stuff than Japanese - you don't make Dan Simmonds references casually.

Also, check out the books if you have time. Translations at Plenty of overlap with the anime, but also plenty of "new" material.

zakueins said...

Good points, and I found it fun.

And, then again, I thought that FLCL was one of the damned most perfect short OVA comedy series ever. Even with the Gainax ending...