Saturday, November 11, 2006

Two Years

"Oh yesterday our little troop was
ridden through and through,
Our swaying, tattered penions fled,
a broken, beaten few,
And all a summer afternoon they
hunted us and slew;
but to-morrow,
by the living God, we'll try the game again!"
-To-morrow by John Masefield

Yes, the Republicans lost this election. Often, as it seems to be, by shooting ourselves in the foot.

We screwed up, made big mistakes, and now the Democrats are in charge. No matter how much they crow, mind you, the real shift in power isn't thay major in historical terms. The Republican Revolution in 1994 had many, many more seats shift.

Still, it has changed, and the politics are going to change. It will happen, regardless.

So, for the Republicans, it's time for us to lament. Get out and get royally, stinking, toilet-hugging drunk. Get into the occasional comic fist-fight in the parking lot. Say all the nasty things and maybe wake up the next morning with a very happy woman that we normally wouldn't have.

Then, on Monday, we shower, shave, get dressed and get to the work of planning our victories in 2008. Kicking out the party leadership that is more interested in getting their photos taken with the Governor and getting on commissons than winning elections(California, my home state, especially). Getting more ballot initiatves in various states that will advance our cause-ensuring that illegals find it harder to live under the radar, passing concealed-carry laws for law-abiding citizens so that the next bank robbery or plane hijacking looks like the County Assesor's scene in The Blues Brothers. We support the troops, by making sure they come home with a victory. We plan for the preparations for the aftermath of the next terrorist attack, praying that we will never need them. And, we remain of good cheer and good thoughts, despite our occasional lapses into "What the F**K?" of what our leadership does.

And, to our Democrat friends. You won. Congratulations. Now, you have to lead, and we will make sure to keep our eyes on you as you do. And, anything that even remotely looks like you'll pull another Vietnam (an inglorious retreat that puts another people's freedoms-and many of their bodies-in the grave), that noose you're wearing around your neck-that noose that every politician should be wearing, tight enough to know that you are forever on your toes-we will make sure it gets really, really tight. America's word and reputation has suffered the 40-something years since Vietnam, it's never really been able to come back since then. If we leave now, the job half-done, nobody will ever really be able to beleve America's word. And in International politics, your word-to support someone or to smash someone into a bloody smear in the ground-is the greatest if not only commodity we have.

Don't forget, you won a lot of your seats by having canidates that ran more Catholic than the Pope, as "blue dog" Democrats that are fairly conservative. Unless you plan upon running them with extremely tight party loyalty to the Speaker's rule, the world is not going to fall into your jodie. If you do, please do things that'll piss us off-which shouldn't be that hard.

There will be sixty-five plus House seats and fifty Senate seats up for grabs in 2008, and if the Republican party was run my way, we are going to fight you for every single one of them.

So, enjoy-now, lead and show us exactly what you're going to and want to do.

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