Sunday, November 26, 2006

Earth's Units

Taking some more ideas from the previous design concepts, I present the (tenative) Earth army and unit list. All the usual caviats apply (names and concepts may change as time goes by, etc, etc)...

Tier One-
-The Human Commander is unique in three regards. First, it is the ONLY commander that is deployed initially on the battlefield. Second, it's the only one that can build Tier One structures. And, third, it has the most powerful (if short ranged) weapon short of Tier Three Superheavy units in the form of the Quantum Gun. Can be upgraded with various improvements that include shield generators and remote drones.
Game Text-"Encased in a body of steel, the Commander's downloaded brain patterns figure out the fastest way to defeat the enemies of Mankind and ensure that humans can return to the surface. It's quantum gun is feared for it's annilating power."
Builder-Built at the HQ, can build Tier One, Two, and Three structures. Can be upgraded for faster building of structures, unit repairs, and the ability to salvage wrecks for technology (reverse-engineering alien technology is vital in developing some Tier Three units). Has no attack ability. An upgrade allows for a Builder to self-destrut with a pretty signifigant explosion.
Game Text-"A tracked robot with a highly capable nano-fomer attached, the Builder assembles and repairs structures rapidly and efficently."
Trooper-Tier One infantry unit, starts in a unit of three and can be upgraded to a unit of six. Tier One upgrades includes a plasma gun, Tier Two gives access to up to three GASPRs(Gravity-Accelerated Solenoid Powered Railgun) for sniping/anti-vehicle use and missile launchers for use against heavy infantry. Troopers can also have stealth systems added, and mount desginators for HQ-mounted bombardment weapons like the Light Of Glory.
Game Text-"These four-legged 'spiders' are Earth's first line of defense, armed with automatic cannons and heavy weapons. Troopers are seen on every front, able to fight in any terran."
Assault Trooper-Tier One heavy infantry unit, starts in a unit of three and can be upgraded to six. Has one slot for add-on units, and can be upgrade with up to six heavy weapons, including HASPRs (Hyper-Accelerated Solenoid Powered Railgun), HVMs (hyper-velocity missiles), fusion guns, and micro-mortars.
Game Text-"Six-legged 'scorpions' are deadly foes, especially with heavy weapons that are deadly at ranges far beyond what the Assault Trooper can see."
Tier Two
Fury-Tier Two infantry/fast attack unit, all-female with the ability to make combat leaps. Can be upgraded with Implosion Bombs for anti-structure use. Starts with four, can be upgraded to eight units. Cannot have add-on units.
Game Text-"Cloned from some of the fiercest female soldiers left to Mankind, the Furies attack out of the sky, without warning."
Highlander-Tier Two heavy infantry unit, all-male with heavy weapons and close-combat weapons. Two slots for add-on units, starts out with four units, can be upgraded to eight units. Can carry up to four heavy weapons, HASPRs, HVMs, fusion cannons, and micro-mortars. A unit-level upgrade gives them force blades.
Game Text-"Highlanders come from cloned stock of some of the toughest infantry soliders in history. Many are survivors of the early days of the War, having held their own from some of the fiercest assaults both Martians and Venutians can generate."
Lieutenant-Tier Two add-on, male soldier in a specialized suit of powered armor that provides command and control capabilities for attached units, increasing their accuracy and ability to withstand damage. Armed with a plasma gun (upgraded to a fusion gun).
Game Text-"Lieutenants not only come from officers that survived the War and the move underground, but people interested in abstract strategy games and wargaming. Lieutenants are known for making rapid and able decisions on the battlefield."
Chaplain-Tier Two add-on, male or female solider in a specialized suit of powered armor that not only helps keep up morale, it also ensures that the units can withistand the blandishments of both Venus and Mars. Armed with a massdriver (upgraded to a GASPR).
Game Text-"'Chaplain', in the Human army, covers not only cloned priests and priestesses, but psychatrists, councelors, and 'erotic service providers', all of whom can provide morale and metaphysical support for troops in need of it."
Raptor-Tier Two fast-attack vehicle, a robot armed with a bow-mounted gattling massdriver and a rear turreted GASPR. Can be upgraded to a HASPR or laser cannon. Can make combat leaps.
Game Text-"Raptors are well-regarded by human commanders as a raiding unit, able to rapidly attack enemy supply lines and escape before intercepted by heavier forces."
Hauler-Tier Two transport, can carry a squad of any infantry with add-ons, infantry can use regular weapons. Mounts two massdrivers, can be upgraded to plasma guns and smoke launchers that make for instant cover.
Game Text-"Haulers are considered one of the best things that an infantry unit can have-able to quickly transport troops to a location, and deploy them effectively. Their ability to generate instant cover makes them even more prized."
Thumper-Tier Two artillery, based on the Hauler frame and carries two auto-firing mortars and a massdriver. Mortars can fire either fire specialized firecracker anti-infantry rounds, anti-tank guided shells with some preparation.
Game Text-"The Thumper earned it's nickname from the dual 'thump/thump' sound the mortars make when firing. Fed from magazines that restock automatically via teleport technology, the Thumper can maintain a withering barrage of fire."
Tier Three
Dragon-Tier Three elite heavy infantry, all-male and based around units with GASPRs. Delivered in up to two units of four, can be upgraded to units of eight. Upgraded weapons included HASPRs and fusion cannons, both of which requires the upgraded units to "dig in" and fire (and all eight units in a squad can be upgraded). Has two special abilities-Shield Drones that protect against incoming fire (up to eight) and Rapier Drones that make sure that any unit that tries to come into close-combat with the Dragons gets damaged, maximum eight drones.
Game Text-"Dragons come from some of the most elite male clones, trained and bred to be precise and capable in combat. Many Dragons will later be promoted to the ranks of Lieutenants, after the completion of a campaign.
Banshee-Tier Three elite heavy infantry, all-female, and heavily armed with gattling fusion guns, force blades, and grenade launchers that can fire either flash or implosion grenades. Deadly close-combat units, delivered in up to two units of four, upgraded to two units of ten. Has two special abilities-Teleport which lets them immediately leap into or out of combat, and Fierce Blow that lets them do double damage against infantry targets.
Game Text-"Banshees are drawn from elite cloned females that have genetic memories of their children being taken by Martians and Venutians. Fierce fighters, Banshees have some of the greatest mental training that Earth can provide, to use the dangerous and capable micro-teleporters that allow Banshees to make leaps through space."
Reaper-Tier Three relic infantry unit, consists of one male and one female pilot. Only one can be built. Armed with twin HASPRs and rapid-fire HVMs, the Reaper has two special abilities-Force Dome that can protect up to six squads from any attack, and Death Blossom, which gives it the ability to generate massive salvoes of fire in a sphere, at the cost of energy and resources.
Game Text-"Married pilots from the non-clone population are the crew of the Reaper. A Reaper is rare, and only one is ever seen on any battlefield, but they are deadly opponents that are nigh-unstoppable.
Panther-Tier Three vehicle, armed with a GASPR and three fusion guns. Heavily armored and armed, designed to face a foe directly and abily. Has no special abilities, but can be upgraded to a HASPR main cannon.
Game Text-"The Panther is one of Earth's best main-line compbatants. Panthers can face off against most enemies and hold their own, with powerful weapons that can kill most targets.
Hurricane-Tier three artillery vehicle. Derived from the Panther framework, it mounts a eight-cell rocket launch system that launch area bombardment rockets, a huge number of "Dragon's Teeth" anti-infantry bomblets, or "Thor's Hammer" anti-tank rounds. It also mounts a single turreted fusion gun.
Game Text-"Hurricanes earn their nickname from the massive screaming sound as their rounds leave the tubes. Smart commanders will mass their Hurricane batteries in huge salvos that allow for powerful area bombardments."
Lucifer-Tier three superheavy vehicle. Only two can be built per player, per map. Armed with a quantum cannon, two HASPRs and four fusion cannons, the Lucifer can withstand huge amounts of punishment. Has two special abilities-sensor drones that extend it's detection range to enough distance to use the full range of it's quantum cannon, and anti-infantry drones (which can (hopefully) prevent infantry from doing damage to the vehicle.
Game Text-"The Lucifer earns it 's reputation for deadly firepower with it's turreted quantum cannon. This weapon, normally mounted on fixed emplacements, can kill nearly anything with one or two shots. However, the Lucifier can only slowly recharge it's massive weapon, relying upon the formidable secondary weapons fit to defend it during recharging."

And, of course, we have units derived from Martian and Venutian technology. Probably will talk about those when I get their units design down...

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