Thursday, November 23, 2006

Surviving Another Thanksgiving

I love my family, and it's great to have Thanksgiving with them.

Sadly, God/The Universe/Murphy wants to have fun with me...

Mom comes down with a stomach bug, something nasty. She's fine and will live, but even the sight of food makes her nauseous. So, she's been sitting in bed, being sick.

Dad and I have to cook-not a bad thing, Dad's a good cook-and cancel the trip for one of my uncles (the only one on Dad's side-the only member of his immediate family left), so he doesn't get sick. Sharing is good-sharing germs is not. This seems to have come from Grandma (whom is staying with us until she moves into a managed-care facility near one of Mom's relatives), then it's migrated...

Goose (the sister) wanders out to Starbucks and comes back...and is tired as hell. Can't help, and after dinner, she's not feeling to well, either. So, it was a quiet dinner, and the plans for tomorrow (most of Mom's family coming here to eat) fell through.

Oh, and the sales for this Thanksgiving sucked, the planned purchase of the XBox360 Core failed as's sale/stress test sold out of the 1000 units they had in eight minutes.

Still will be good times, I hope. I'm not at work, and that's always good.

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