Friday, November 24, 2006

Mars Needs Women!

Random game thoughts #69-

I was thinking about ideas for Real-Time Strategy games, and I kept coming up with one problem...resources.

There are only so many ways you can make mining ore (or Tiberium, or elephant dung) interesting and cool. And, most of them have been done. So...why not look for alternate resources?

Then, it hits me. Mars Needs Women. Now, that would be a game mechanic...

A three-way war on Earth, as Martians (whom do not look coincidentally like tentacle rape monsters, despite having parts that look so very useful for it...) try to scoop up women, Venusians (whom have four arms, and some of the best cleavage in the universe) are hunting for men, while us poor Earthlings are trying to keep them fended off and survive ourselves. Both races need "their" humans for Tier 2 and beyond units, so they become a very valued commodity.

The imagry starts getting strange here. But, fun.

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