Monday, November 27, 2006

Running The Convention Circuit...

For the people I know and care about, conventions are life savers.

If it wasn't for conventions, I'm convinced that most of the sci-fi/fantasy community would be so sexually frustrated that they would explode spontaniously. For most geeks, going to a convention means that we're around people that get the jokes, and after dealing with muggles daily, that is always a good thing.

Since I live near enough to the Silicon Valley, I have a few to go to/choose from. Let's usual run is...
  • Further Confusion-Yep, it is a furry con. Always has a cool dealer's room. And, since a lot of the furries and fursuiter are gay men, my odds go up signifigantly in my favor for female nookie. This year, I'm running the staff feed, which means lots of food...lots.
  • DunDraCon-The con I started out with when I was a snot-nosed punk, years and years ago. Low girl numbers, but often neat dealer's room stuff. Good games on occasion, too.
  • The Troika-What I call the three Memorial Day weekend conventions-KublaCon, BayCon, and FanimeCon. All have their advantages and disadvntages. KublaCon is mostly gaming, which means I can usually find a game, but they have a heavy emphasis on miniatures and CCG events. Minatures are, to me, nothing more than another rathole to pour disposable income down (*cough*Games Workshop*cough*), and CCGs tend to resemble the Cold War-that you're trying to outspend your opponent.

    BayCon has awesome party rooms, an excellent chance for nookie, good dealer's rooms, occasionally good panels, and they are not going to have it at the Hotel That Shall Not Be Named (aka the Doubletree in San Jose). BayCon, however, is one of the most expensive cons I could go to, they are now in a new hotel which always means fun and excitement in dealing with new things, and the occasional interface of politics and fandom is a safe distance.

    And, Fanime? When I realized that some of the hottest female cosplayers where barely jailbait age or below, interesting stuff in the Dealer's Room and the occasional neat panel presents a problem...
  • SiliCon-Sort of my "home" convention, it's reasonably quiet, and they have good stuff. Last year kind of sucked, but I think that was more due to the fact that you had both the Northern Rennisance Faire and Fleet Week the same weekends, which drew off a lot of people. This year (2007), I think will be better because they're doing a lot of retooling. That, and I'm working it, too.
God Bless Conventions. If I didn't have them, I'd probably be looking at high belltowers now.

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