Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Post-Mortum

Okay...what happened?

The Democrats came into this election with several gaffs that would have sunk most other political parties chance (paging John Kerry...), the fact that they didn't have anything that could really be called a platform, except for a vague sort of "we'll do different things than the Republicans", and a very poorly veiled class warfare platform that was never stated by the canidates in direct statements.

The Republicans came in with serious baggage, and a lot of the base (including me) was very disappointed with them. No immgration reform-in fact, it seems like Bush and the Republicans in Congress were trying to buy illegal immigrant votes and "play nice" with a Mexico that views America as nothing more than a mixture of job sponge and the method that keeps the proles from rioting. The Iraq war seems to be less stomping on the insurgency and more keeping the pot from boing over (caviat-I do not have access to the information the military and political leadership has on what's going on there, just what you see on Fox News), stupid little scandals, and a whole bunch of other things that just annoyed us all.

Add to that the Republicans seemed to have held off on their big guns for last and peaked too late, so by the time the election came around...we did better, but not as good as we should.

If this wasn't in the middle of a war, against a terrorist enemy whom the Democrats (or at least their theorists) have called "freedom fighters", a general hate of the Republicans and George Bush, and the chaos of the next two years leading up to the Presidental elections...I'd find it fun to see the Democrats flounder. Right now, I'm worried-and hoping that it won't be as bad as I fear...

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