Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Geek Is Dead, Long Live The Geek

A few years ago, I'd have been camping outside the front door of a store, waiting to get my PS3 or Wii, and I'm not.

Why? I'm not at all interested...what does the PS3 offer that makes it better than the PS2? Okay, Metal Gear Solid 4. And White Knight Story looks to be utterly scrumptous. Otherwise? $600 to pay for a full system, or $500 to pay for a "basic" (crippled) system that requires a $100+ "upgrade" kit that doesn't even offer all the functionality that the full system does. Hell, even the XBox360, you can upgrade it from the Basic to Premium package, and it comes out to about the same cost as-if you bought it at Premium.

And the Wii? So very tempting...GameCube back-compatability(so I can get Skies of Arcadia Legends and Metal Gear Solid:The Twin Snakes and all the other good GameCube games), you can download Super Nintendo, and Turbo Graphix 16 games (classic side-scrollers, ahoy!), and the games selection looks good. But, I have absolutely no urge to fight the crouds, or play games with people looking to get a system and then promptly eBaying it.

I'm more interested in spending the money to attract women. They tend to be much more fun than video games. Bit harder to control, tho...

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