Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snagged A Nintendo DS...

...last week, a sort of "Christmas to Me" present, and got a copy of Final Fantasy III.

I pretty much expected it to be a "play a bit, mostly on BART" sort of thing...but, it's gotten quite cool and fun.

It feels like what I got into video games for-not quite a quick fix, but gaming pared down to the basics. It's old-school in the biggest regard-you just pick it up, and play. No 200+ page manual to try and work through, no load times, no cut-scenes that you suspect they put on the game to try and add content to fill up the space. No massive, esoteric plots to try and work through, because there isn't any space to mess around with those sorts of things.

Hell, I can even quit half-way in the middle of a boss battle, because it's not going to take me three hours to get through a un-interruptable cut-scene to finally get back to the boss monster. The DS isn't perfect, I got one with just one pixel stuck on in blue (and, it's just ONE, so I can't bitch too much). But, damn it, I like it.

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