Friday, November 24, 2006

Surviving Black Friday

So, how did I survive Black Friday? Easy...I didn't participate.

Didn't wait in line at 3 am at Best Buy to try and get ahold of a Wii.

Didn't try to go to CompUSA to get a $200 laptop (which would have cost me more in the mandatory new cell phone and activation costs that was needed).

Instead, I waited until about 7:30ish, and just went. Got everything I wanted or needed-my first ever portable gaming system in the form of a Nintendo DS and two games, the family's Christmas present in the form of a Radeon X1600 AGP video card, some new shoes, and a DVD burner at CompUSA.

Got back by 9 am, and the longest wait was at CompUSA, whom seemed to have perpetual problems with their credit card servers and had the longest lines (and this line wasn't even twenty minutes). Being behind a guy that seemed to think he was in New York and bitched about everything didn't help, either.

I'm not sure...I wanted to get more, but there wasn't more I wanted to get. Oh, they had deals on TVs, but I have one (hell, two if I get the other one fixed) TV that works fine. Maybe a DVD player, but I can get one anywhere at a reasonable rate.

Maybe I'm growing up. This scares me on so many levels.

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