Friday, November 03, 2006

The Very First Post...

...and, it's going to be interesting.

For those of you from my Livejournal, or from, this is sort of going to be a bit more professional, a bit more "essay" than the LJ or the Tribe Blog. Which means long, long posts....a bit less about my personal life (less said, the better...), unless I find it interesting.

Some quick warnings-
1) I'm eclectic. So, I could talk about anything...
2) Some of my comments/commentary is going to be "blue" or "adult". I'll always post a warning if/when that happens.
3) Oh, did I mention that I plan to talk about things such as-
  • Politics (Republican who's only peeved and not annoyed with his party yet)
  • Analog and Digital Gaming
  • Computers
  • Anime
  • Sci-fi and fantasy books, novels, movies, etc.
  • Movies
  • Kinky and erotic material
  • Music
  • San Francisco (a whole blog subject on it's own...)
  • Space
  • And anything that catches my attention at the time.
So, there will be some long posts...not always daily, but some.

Now that that's out of the, enjoy, and find something fun and interesting to talk about. I'll tell more stories as they come along...

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