Sunday, January 14, 2007

Adopt Barbara Boxer!

Wow, they couldn't just wait for the end of the month to shoot themselves in the foot?

Barbra Boxer is complaining that since Condolizza Rice doesn't have children (whom will "pay the price" for her decisions), she doesn't have a right to make important decisions about the military of the nation.

Wow. Once again, the Demcrats prove that we need a drug plan, so I can GET the drugs these people are using. I want to be that disconnected from reality. Sadly, to get that way, it seems I need to read more Marx, DailyKOS, and consider Michael Moore a "serious" film maker. I'm not that insane yet.

However, I think the perfect solution has been hit upon. Condolizza Rice should adopt Barbra Boxer. It would solve everything!

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