Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An iPhone?!?!?

Oh, it's one of those "great ideas", but there are so many practical problems-
  1. The last round of iPods had a reputation for their plastic developing scratches easily. The WHOLE FACE of the new iPhone is plastic.
  2. There are no controls on the phone other than the touchscreen. If that breaks, you have to get a new phone.
  3. The size of the drive is the same as the iPod Nano, and the iPhone has video capability. Video EATS up HD capacity, even the MPEG-4 format used for the iPod.
  4. The phone is being offered as an exclusive through Cingular. I've heard mixed reviews of Cingular's service.
  5. The cost...$600 for the largest size. Not a lot of difference in cost, easier to get the biggest...which will sell out the fastest.
Personally, I'm going to wait for the second generaton of the hardware, so that all the heatseekers can do the final beta test of the hardware. And, that means I have to get a camera phone, too...which presents so many difficulties. Namely when I get creative...

UPDATE-Oh, and add this.

You can't replace the battery. Which means when the battery wears out, you have to get a new phone. I've only had two cell phones over five years, and the only reason I changed phones was that the old phone's screen was dying.


ザイツェヴ said...

There's a guy in my town who replaces iPod batteries for $20 for a 3Gen. For your information, a battery for my Samsung VX4400 was $45 - because it's retail packaged. At the very worst, Apple will replace the battery with full warranty and using the correct tools for $65. So, it's not as if having or not having the door for the battery changes anything. Don't make problems where there's none.

zakueins said...

It's also the mentality behind it. Jobs and Apple are big on the creation of creative tools. And damn well down on anything that causes them to lose control of the creative tools. You want to run some of the best software for media creation? You have to buy a Mac. So, while you have great tools-you can't escape that particular monopoly.