Saturday, January 27, 2007

Miniatures Wargaming Thoughts

Some of the random thoughts that I've had about any form of new miniature wargames. I'm thinking modern/future gaming-fantasy/historical would require some different concepts.

  1. Fast, fast combat resolution. While it would be perfect if you could roll one die and both handle to-hit and damage, I can't think of an elegant way to do it.
  2. A "realistic" system of morale. From what I've been reading, morale rarely just "breaks" in the sense of utter panic except under certian circumstances. Perahps a three or four-level gradiated system that confers different penalties (pinned means that a unit cannot advance towards the enemy, etc...)
  3. Point-based build system, so you could build anything from a single soldier to a Terminator to battlefield monsters. It would let you settle the perrenial debate of "which sci-fi army could beat another sci-fi army".
  4. Models for the "official" line would come as 35mm painted plastic ones (for grunt and some specialist units), and unassembled, unpainted metal ones (for "hero" and "elite" units).
  5. Vehicles...there will be some. Enough rules to run a brigate-sized battle with mech infantry and tanks and walkers and artillery and worse...
  6. All the things you need to play the game (unless there's a rule dispute) won't take up more than two pages of 8.5x11" paper.
  7. Compelling backstory! There will be a compelling backstory...
More as I think of it.

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