Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Cookie Blitz

(Imagine, "Weird Al" doing a parody of Ballroom Blitz)

One of the big things I do for conventions is bake cookies.

A LOT of cookies.

In about three days, I've gone through about sixteen sticks of butter, a pound bag of chocolate chips, half a pound of raisins, and a whole bunch of other stuff...all so that Staff Feed can eat well.

It's one of those strange jobs....it beats working, at least at where I work. And, I can nibble on cookie dough to my heart's content (it turns out to be small quantities...). And, it gives me more time to watch anime!

Sadly, the third DVD of HMLV was defective, so I'm waiting for a new one from Greencine.com. Did get to see UHF, and that movie was just plain crazy. And fun.

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