Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Brilliant Label Idea!

One of those ideas that just seems to run into you...I was thinking of making labels for the next batch of beer. Not much, just something neat.

I'm talking about this with a friend...and POW! I come up with our theme, lovely ladies gracing our beer bottle labels, with a suitable name to them.

A few of the ideas-
*Summer Honey-A Honey Wheat beer, with good flavor. Our lovely lady is a honey-skinned beauty with brown/blonde hair, wearing a very nice summer dress.
*Powerful Wenching-A Scottish ale, with a Scottish lady, well-endowed (she is NOT missing any meals) in Rennisance Faire garb, with long red hair and being so tempting in her appearance.
*Warm-Hearted Lady-A nut brown ale, with a warm, kind lady with dusky skin, a warm smile, delicious cheongsam that matches her skin.
*A Taste Of India-IPA, with a very attractive Hindu lady in a sari that is so very seductive...
*Season's Greetings!-A Celebration Ale with a lovely cinnamon taste, with a blonde bombshell in a great Santa suit.

If I ever decide to go pro, there will be a contest for models for the posters-we want great talent that has never been photographed before...

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