Friday, January 12, 2007

Gaming Thoughts #3

For all the gamers out there, how many games have you bought because they're "cool" or "I like the rules", but have never played.

The short list (from memory)-
  • New World Of Darkness (yet...)
  • Exalted
  • D&D 3.5
  • Cyberpunk 20XX
  • GURPS 4th Edition (yet...)
From what I can figure, a third of my games are "never played".

I want to play some more of these games....but, then again, I want the gaming group that I played with that scattered to the four winds about eight years ago. They were people with brains attached. Could completely derail the campaign...and then run as if this was all planned.

And, damn it, that I don't have them, the more I appreciate them in comparison to other GMs and groups...

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