Monday, January 29, 2007

Hardware Woes

It's official.

I'm probably going to have to pull the HD from this computer and put a new one's time. The drive is about four or so years old and probably should have been replaced a year ago.

If I have to do that, I will probably have a whole swapping out of the mobo, processor, and video card. New hardware, yay! Maybe even Vista-ready. Expensive, tho...about $500+, so if this computer can soldier on for a bit longer, it will.

My only issue? If the new mobo requires a SATA connection and can't take IDE, that means the nice, large 200+ gig HD that's my D: drive might have to be replaced...if there isn't a IDE/SATA card that I can use as a bridge.

Yay, the joys of playing with computers.

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